Ph.D. Defense: Software-Defined Hardware without Sacrificing Performance

GeoScents: An Online Multiplayer World Geography Game!

I used to play the geography game at in the late 2000s, but it went offline and a French blogger now owns the website. I learned a little bit of Javascript and have recreated the game to the best of my ability. Try it out!
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I am working on a Domain Specific Language, called Spatial, for hardware accelerators. This is my PhD research.

Typing Faster

I am learning to type on Dvorak. 10/10 would NOT recommend, it was a little fun to retrain but a HUGE pain now any time I need to use another computer or someone needs to use mine. I also do not type any faster than I did with QWERTY. scorecard for user ruggler11

Preydator: A neuromorphic approach to an eat-or-be-eaten game

<img src="/projects/preydator.gif" alt="Alternative Media" >
Source code

Visual Algebra

A silly little tool for manipulating equations visually
<img src="/projects/algebra.gif" alt="Alternative Media" > Source code

Alternative juggling prop